Chakra Sadhana Workshops

The 7 primary Chakras located all the way from the base of the spine to the top of the head are the primal centers of energy and Divinity in humans. Here is a brief look at chakras and the gates of life they represent:

MULADHARA (ROOT) CHAKRA - Seat of Stability & Support

SWADHISTHANA (SACRAL) CHAKRA - Seat of Identity & Creativity


ANAHATA (HEART) CHAKRA - Center of Unconditional Love

VISHUDDHA (THROAT) CHAKRA - Center of Wisdom & Expression

AJNA (THIRD EYE) CHAKRA - Seat of Intuition & Perception

SAHASRARA (CROWN) CHAKRA - Center of Enlightenment

Tune into Abundance: MULADHARA (ROOT) CHAKRA

Wealth is your natural birthright. But most people are unaware of the reasons why wealth flow gets obstructed in their life. Blocked chakra causes ill-health, bone/leg/knee pains, sciatica, varicose veins or piles. Now achieve stability and connect to the endless supply of wealth by tuning into the natural source through Chakra Yog.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Let go off struggles and obstacles
  • Achieve support and stability
  • Find freedom from financial worry
  • Cure physical and emotional dysfunctions caused due to blocked Chakra
  • Clear and activate Root Chakra through Sadhana
  • Harness the power of Rudraksha and Gemstones for empowerment


Connecting with yourself helps you create an environment of your choosing. You achieve success in all spheres of life: Personal and Professional, when you honour yourself. You lose self-esteem when traumatic incidents in your life have made you lose control, brought dishonor, failure or disharmony. Blocked Chakra causes lower back pain and affects kidneys, muscles, intestines and sexual organs. Now realize the Creator within, through Chakra Yog.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Release fears, negativity
  • Realise self-potential
  • Form fruitful relationships
  • Control your environment
  • Dhyan and Sadhana


Your Seat for power is your Manipura chakra which is located on the Navel. This is your centre of will, vitality, energy and passion. You are born to be the lustrous Gem-"Manipura". Circumstances put you in an illusion of dependency, worries, fears and powerlessness and block this chakra. Blocked chakra causes diabetes, digestion problems and affects liver and pancreas. When it is blocked, you face physical, mental, emotional and financial issues. It is time to release yourself of powerlessness and discover your latent Power through Chakra Yog.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Release Powerlessness
  • Free yourself from stress, anxiety
  • Attract name, fame and success
  • Clear and activate Manipura Chakra through Sadhana

You Are The Creator - ANAHATA (HEART) CHAKRA

Fulfilment of your desires is the basic purpose of your birth. You are born as the Creator of your destiny. Blockage of the Heart Chakra due to mistrust, doubt and fear obstruct your natural ability of creation. The blockage is the cause of blood pressure, heart diseases and breathing/circulatory problems. Now open yourself to love and be loved by all through Chakra Yog.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Release mistrust, hurt and doubts
  • Learn to trust, love and achieve fulfilment
  • Know how Law of Attraction truly works
  • Clear and activate Anahata Chakra through Sadhana

Communicate Your Way to Success - VISHUDDHA (THROAT) CHAKRA

Communication is essential to get success in every sphere of life. The challenge of the throat chakra is the ability to interact and turn situations in your favour. This is your Centre of Creativity, Willpower, Wisdom and Freedom of Choice. Holding back words causes frustration, misunderstanding and 'Throat Chakra' blockage. This blockage leads to thyroid, insomnia, throat problems or upper back pains. A clear flow of energy through your throat chakra helps you realise your soul purpose and achieve greater success. Now be guided to wisdom through Chakra Yog.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Release low self-confidence and communication fears
  • Build unions with patience, trust and faith
  • Understand to be understood
  • Cure physical dysfunction and emotional problems due to the blocked Chakra
  • Clear and activate Vishudha Chakra through Sadhana

Open Up To Your Higher Intelligence - AJNA (THIRD EYE) CHAKRA

The sacred truth of the sixth chakra is Seek Only the Truth. It compels us to search continually for the difference between truth and illusion, the two forces present at every moment. This centre empowers our attitude, beliefs, memories, and the overall character of our rational mind. The power of this chakra governs whether we are fair and open-minded or judgmental and limited in our capacity to consider new ideas is a manifestation of how we direct the power of this chakra. Blockage of this chakra causes confusions, poor decision making and results in sinus and headaches. Now open up to your Higher Intelligence through Chakra Yog.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Have a clear perception of reality
  • Connect to your deepest wisdom
  • See through illusions created by Maya
  • Clear and activate Ajna Chakra through Sadhana

Wealth Through Contentment - SAHASRARA (CROWN) CHAKRA

We tune to luck and fulfilment when we Tune to contentment. When you are grateful, you are in a high energy vibration that attracts more things to be grateful for. Everyday stresses of life and disappointments block our Crown Chakra and we start doubting the very source of our existence. The blockage causes migraines, skin diseases or depression. Now surrender to the source through Chakra Yog.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Release discontentment and bad luck
  • Understand the larger picture of Life
  • Attune to divine grace
  • Attract luck and fulfilment
  • Clear and Activate Sahasrara Chakra through Sadhana
  • Dhyan and Sadhana

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